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        CFARM LENGTH26.00MM

        Stand byTypeⅠ&ⅡCard
        Can be equipped with push rod Brand / model: Import
        CF26 / 38.0mmPPCF putter deck

        MANY MORE

        Feature of product
        Product Description

        SATA 7+15

        Since the bomb PUSH SIM card connector
        SIM6 + 1PIN deck connector
        Phone connector

        Advantages of Micro-SIM card USIM (UniversalSubscriberIdentityModule) refers to the user's global identification card. Compared with the traditional SIM card, the USIM card has at least three advantages:1. More secure: The USIM card chip has a high-level encryption function,···


        About us

        Dongguan Qihong Industrial Co., Ltd

        Dongguan Qihong Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Changan Town, Dongguan City, a famous manufacturing city in China. It is a professional electronic connector integrating development, production and sales. It is a manufacturer of card holders. The company's products are widely used in liquid crystal displays. Laptops, digital cameras, computer peripherals, car navigation, household appliances, etc., products meet the US UL, Canada CSA, Germany TUV and other safety certification standards and ROHS EU green certification. Qihong Industrial has many years of experience in the manufacture of card connector connectors, strong technical force, perfect production testing equipment, and a large number of R&D technical management elites. From mold development and design to finished products, the company develops and produces itself. The production process strictly implements ISO2000 international quality management. System, ISO14000 environmental management system standards, reliable product quality and competitive price advantage, timely delivery, quality service, we have won the trust and praise of our customers.

        Customers are not looking for products (things), but to find solutions (solutions), is looking for a more convenient solution, a better solution. As people increase the response speed requirements, the demand for convenient complete solution becomes more intense

        CEO, Mr. Liao